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1. At The Break Of Dawn
2. Arise
3. In The Shade
4. Amazulu Booty
5. Fight The Reaper
6. In Fever, In Fear
7. Mechanical Mover
8. Returning
9. Turn Around
10. Deep In The Space

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Green Galactic
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Summer 2002 heralds the domestic US release of the long awaited debut album from Chris McCormack's UK Gold project, an experimental and eclectic album full of quality from this producer more commonly known for his pumping techno projects for Primevil and his own Materials imprint.

Retuned draws on personal influences and blends together many genres of music ranging from jazz, through leftfield to dub and beyond. Punctuated at intervals by short ambient sections, linking the tracks, it provides a chance to pause and reflect between UK Gold's signature grinding basslines and shuffling percussion.

"At The Break of Dawn" gently introduces and eases us into the album, an instant hint of the eclecticism that's clearly in evidence throughout the album. "Arise" follows on in a dub flavor before the critically acclaimed single "In The Shade", a track supported by the likes of Laurent Garnier, and more underground, yet acclaimed techno bods Stanny Frannsen and Cari Lekebusch amongst others. The razor-sharp tech-house of "Amazulu Booty" is followed by the vocal tracks "Fight The Reaper" and "In Fever, In Fear." "Mechanical Mover" then gives us one of those short ambient moments to pause and take in the diversity and quality that is, Retuned.

"Returning" picks up the pace once again in a chunky tech house style that cleverly retains a live feel to it courtesy of wailing trumpets, bass and stabbing keys. "Turn Around" offers deep vocals and a touch of summer. Finally this well rounded journey winds up with the chugging "Deep in the Space."

Chris McCormack is clearly a talent. Last year's Potential project "There Are Better Ways" led to many remixes, including his forthcoming mix for the massive CLRetry series. Chris's clear, crisp production has been a trademark of his since day one. International superstar Fatboy Slim's massive global hit "Star 69" even used samples from Chris' track "Flight Decimator."

Retuned is an album that's about to catapult Chris to the next level. This album is a breath of fresh air, an experimental album that effortlessly blends together different styles of music, makes it feel like they belong side by side with a focus on live instrumentation. All of this, and the album's many other attributes make Retuned an engaging, rewarding and highly accessible album, one that should really be savored, rather than just listened to.

Impossible to pigeonhole, simple to admire, Retuned is an album that will appeal to not only techno purists, but also the curious and any lover of real quality music of any genre. The real genius is the contents of the album, an album for any occasion.

Release date: August 6, 2002


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