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Lucky Bastards Living Up North


1. Phlegmatic
2. Real Robots
3. Knot Three
4. Coywm
5. Real Robots Don't Die
6. Robots 4 Life
7. This is It
8. Blue Screens
9. Process
10. Vector Graphics

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Mr Velcro Fastener, the finnish duo of Tatu Metsätähti (1977) and Tatu Peltonen (1977), started together already in early 90´s. They met in school when Peltonen moved to Turku, the city of electronic music of Finland, and noticed that they had similar interests in music. Peltonen´s experiences in music before that came mostly from his father´s studio in middle of Finland. By that time Metsätähti had been experiencing with open reel tape recorder, turntable and some computer software.

The first studio sessions at Peltonen´s father´s Studio Musikeero took place in ´93 after they have had their techno boom and then the main influences came from the electronic listening music of that time (A.I. series, etc…). ´93–´96 the guys visited the studio regularily, but also at the same time they gathered stuff and instruments for their own studio called Miletos.

By the end of ´96 they both started to study mixing and music technology.

´97 the name Mr Velcro Fastener originated and the music had already gone a little bit more rougher, it was electro! The next year the group was ready for the first release “Wad EP”, released on their own label Tie Entertainment. The record was noticed in the genre and got many boasting reviews all around the world. Few months after the second EP “Robots 4 Life” came out, on Tie Entertainment as well.

The next step was to join the German label i220 Music. Label introduced the band with the “Tie Entertainers” 12” followed by their debut album “Lucky Bastards Living Up North”.

Late ´99 the guys went on a month long middle European tour and promoted it with the successful special edition EP “Which Scenario”. The releases of the year 2000 consisted of “Electric Appliances” remixes and the hit 12” “Who´s Gonna Bend” which was again very well noticed. Tracks from that EP featured on BBC´s Tinsel Town soundtrack and Pete Tong´s radio playlist. Mr Velcro Fastener has also done remixes for e.g. Hardfloor and finnish group called Giant Robot. The remix for this band big in Finland was on German dance chart top ten and featured as the title sequence in Olli Saarela´s box-office movie Bad Luck Love.

The schedule for 2001 shows the release of the new album Otherside, separately released double vinyl and CD. The new material has more mature feeling without losing the rough edge of Mr Velcro Fastener. The content in the music is not to show what is right or wrong, but to emphasize that things have many sides. There will be also coming Who´s Gonna Bend US edition including special remixes, gigs and live acts and much more…


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