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The World Party Signs Production Deal with Moonshine Creative Media to Produce Television and DVD Programming



Green Galactic
is a marketing and production media company specializing in youth culture. In addition to general marketing services such as publicity, promotions and public relations, we are emerging as a pop culture solution provider for anyone wanting to effectively reach and deliver to hip markets.

Los Angeles, CA - 2003 rolls out a partnership that has been five years in the making as Moonshine Creative Media introduces the audiences to The World Party and their global party adventures.

The first World Party DVD release, Global Party Adventures will spotlight the antics of World Party presenter, Steve Saunders and his sometimes beautiful, oftentimes outrageous, crew of party people as they hit the hottest clubs and parties in Ibiza, Bangkok, Rio de Janeiro, and the world famous "Pimp 'n' Ho Ball” in Las Vegas. Set for release in July 2003, this DVD will premiere at the Winter Music Conference in Miami, FL in March.

Currently in production is the next World Party/Moonshine Movies project - The Party P.O.V.  (Point of View).  This show takes you into the lives of people involved in every aspect of what makes a party great.  The DJs, the artists, the promoters and the partiers that make it all happen.  No matter what their ethnicity, sexual preference, gender, or socio-economic background, they all party the same way, and they all have a story.

The pilot episode will be completed in April -- PARTY P.O.V.: Three Girls and a Bag of Tunes in MIAMI invades the lives of three frisky female DJs as they conduct their everyday business. From the moment they wake up and get out of bed to the moment they meet to get their party on at the Winter Music Conferences wildest bash, Wet Grooves 2003, PARTY P.O.V. is there.  Mea Fisher aka Mea is the glamorous diva, Laura Totten a.k.a. Sage is the down-to-earth sweetheart, and Irene Gutierrez a.k.a. DJ Irene is the freak. With these three ladies, the World Party and Moonshine Creative Media on board, the first episode of Party P.O.V is sure to be hot!

About Moonshine Creative Media LLC

Now in its tenth year, Moonshine Creative Media LLC is an independently owned and operated media company based in Los Angeles.  MCM launched Moonshine Movies in January 2001 to produce Audio-Visual DVDs, niche music documentaries and alternative lifestyle programming for Television and DVD. In the past year Moonshine Movies has released ten DVDs including the critically acclaimed American Massive documentary on the rave scene across the United States.  MCM also owns Moonshine Music, America's premiere independent record label specializing in electronic music.  Audio and video distribution is handled by Koch Entertainment Distribution in the USA and Canada, and a variety of exclusive distributors in various territories around the world.

About The World Party

The World Party was formed in 1998 to produce special events and co-ordinate tours for young hip people traveling to the planet’s premiere parties, festivals and hot spots.  These unforgettable events and trips are documented on film for television and DVD. Over the past four years TWP tours have brought revelers to Ibiza, Koh Samui, Rio de Janeiro, Las Vegas, Miami Beach and Los Angeles.  The World Party – where the happiness is happening. 

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