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Yoshitoshi Records (Distributed by Fusion III/Studio Distribution)


1. Phuture Vibes
2. Bluesless
3. Arrows
4. River People
5. Soma
6. Nitelife part 1+2
7. Guidance
8. Pheedback
9. Mist
10. Morning Lake
11. Cruisin'
12. Last Stop

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For a land responsible for Abba, Ace of Base and that guy who writes for Britney Spears, perhaps Sweden isn't the first place you'd expect to be home to some of the most refreshing house music in recent years; but then YMC aren't exactly your average kinda guys. YMC (Yunk Music Collective) consist of two talented young Swedish producers: Yan (alias Jan Lutgebaucks) and Cpook-E; (pronounced'Spooky' - a.k.a Erik Svahn) who spend their time making spectacularly beautiful house music together somewhere on the edge of the Baltic Sea.

Yan and Cpook-E first hooked up in 1995 when Cpook-E left his home in the Capital city of Stockholm to travel 700 miles south in search of the guy responsible for the incredible new tunes he had been hearing on Swedish National Radio. Convinced that the man behind these banging house masterpieces must be some hard-ass New York producer Cpook-E was stunned when he caught a radio interview with Yan, a native Swede, talking about his music. Cpook-E immediately packed his bags and went to meet this musical local hero.

By 1997 Cpook-E and Yan had worked out what kind of music they wanted to make together, deciding to push the envelope and experiment with all kinds of genres - incorporating jazz, ambient and dub to their house style. The result was a unique, dreamy sound, all at once laid-back, uplifting and packed full of shimmering atmospherics. Explains Cpook-E: "We sincerely admire anybody trying to put soul and heart into their sound. We love the amazing sound of the 70's productions like Brian Eno, Vangelis, Jamaican Dub, Headhunters and Blackbyrds and that's definitely made more of an influence on our style and sound than any of the curent trends. We still truly admire the deep moody music of St German, Kevin Yost, Chaser, Etienne DeCrecy, Roy Davis Jr, Carl Craig and - of course - Deep Dish, but it's definitely the organic, vibrant moods of the 70's, which was all about putting soul and mood into music, which is the legacy that YMC tries to continue."

Since Sweden was in the throes of a techno /hardhouse craze, YMC decided to look further afield to Europe and America for a label to release their work. They sent out a demo to three labels and were immediately offered three recording contracts. Yoshitoshi, the DC-based record label run by deep house heroes Ali and Sharam of Deep Dish, won out and YMC released their debut EP ' The YMC EP' in 1998 to great success. Heard by Source records in Germany, YMC were asked to record a double album for the label ‘Orange Peel' that was released to critical acclaim in the fall of '98. Immediately on turning in the finished album Source commissioned the guys to record another one. On the strength of these initial recordings YMC found themselves being approached by labels all over Europe. There followed a spate of top quality releases: 'The Last Stop EP’ on Yoshitoshi (1999), 'The Moody Traxx EP' on Force Inc US (1999), 'The Nu Mood EP’ on Plastic City (1999), 'Nice & Slow' album on April Records (2000), 'The Satellite Traxx EP' on Placktown Sounds (2000), 'Nu Directions EP’ on Nepenta (2000).

Putting together a live show, YMC played in a variety of club venues around Sweden before making a stunning appearance in front of 40,000 at Sweden's Hulsfred Festival in 1999 - sharing a bill with The Chemical Brothers and Basement Jaxx. Says Cpook-E: "We always get a great kick out of performing live, it's an amazing way to communicate with people!" The YMC live experience has been a major success. Behind banks of samplers and sequencers the duo make the transition from studio to club a flawless one and there are plans afoot to include percussion and guitar into the act.

Keeping up with their track record of being super industrious, YMC are set to release several records in 2001: 'The Nite Grooves EP' (Nite Grooves/King Street), 'Essentials' CD (Yoshitoshi), and 'The Niteflite EP’ (Yoshitoshi) as well as forthcoming projects on Alola, Glasgow Underground and Statra Recordings.

YMC have made a great impact in their short lifetime. Comparisons to Air, Saint Etienne and Lemon Jelly only go half way to explaining where the duo's sound fits in, but there are similarities in the laid-back soulful grooves of each of them. YMC, however, definitely add a musical smorgasbord to the proceedings. With YMC leading the pack, and countrymen Laid and Spanka not far behind, you could be forgiven for asking yourself more than once this year: Is Sweden the new France?!

With plans to come to America to play some dates in the not-too-distant future, YMC are on a mission, intent on bringing their Scandic soul to a global audience. We'll leave the last word to Yan and Cpook-E: ~We are NOT making this happen to be famous fools, or filthy rich, - but to feel good and respect ourselves - and to let that vibe spread like a virus to other "moody soul mates" around the world - Goose Bumps & Peace to you all!"

ESSENTIALS is released on Yoshitoshi in September 2001. Look for details regarding YMC’s first ever US tour in late Summer/early Fall.

For more information on YMC and their latest album Essentials, please call Peter Wohelski at Green Galactic. Phone: 718.923.9020 / Fax: 718.923.9021 / Email:



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